Art, in all its forms, makes the difference between enduring life and enjoying life.


Without it, our free time might entail only socializing or meditation since all hobbies have some artistic element within them. All forms of leisure are art forms. Much of religion is dependent on creative expression as well.


Without art, our possessions would be strictly utilitarian, without an outside “skin” or thought to it's appearance or the aesthetic of using it. There would be no mementos, memorabilia. Holidays and remembrances would be austere.


On a typical day we would wake to an empty cell, wash without thought to appearance, and put on a colorless uniform. I would puree all my food if presentation was not a consideration, only efficiency.


Since we didn't need yards, we would pass without joy to our vehicles, and leave for jobs down bland streets marked by hastily hand-lettered signs.


And of course, all of us who have jobs that serve to address the needs of the senses would have to look for different work in an art devoid industry.


In many of the modern end-of-time movies, the society has no accoutrements that provide dignity, love and culture, or in a word, Art.


On the other hand, many people's vision of heaven could be considered quite sensual, expressive, and creative.