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    If you are interested in one-on-one classes on any of the following, please contact me.

    Genre Classes

    For students of all levels who want to practice skill sets from life using media of choice.

    • Studio Still Life Drawing and Painting
    • Studio Portrait Drawing and Painting
    • Figure for Studio and Plein Air Painters
    • Structures for Plein Air Painters
    • Landscape for Plein Air Painters

    Technique Classes

    For students of all skill levels who would like extensive, focused practice on the individual phases involved in a finished piece of art.

    • Practice in Preliminary studies
    • Practice in Blocking/Laying-in
    • Practice in Adjusting and Reworking
    • Practice in Surface Texture and Glazing
    • Practice in Refinement and Finish

    Content Classes

    The intention of this class is to convey meaning, symbolism, and emotion in our artwork. Using brain-storming techniques, students will generate images in each of the following topics:

    • Symbols of Ourselves
    • Symbols of Loved Ones
    • Symbols of Our Community
    • Symbols for the Open World
    • Symbols of the Unseen World

    Media Classes

    Students of all skill levels who are developing a fascination with a particular medium will enjoy the following exploration courses:

    • Exploring Drawing Media
    • Exploring Ink, Gouache, and Metal Leaf
    • Exploring Water Media including Introductory Acrylic
    • Exploring In-depth with Acrylic and Acrylic Mediums
    • Exploring Oil Paint and Mediums

    Theory Classes

    Artists of varying experience who want to push their body of work further may want to take the following classroom (no studio time) courses:

    • Support for Implementing Art Business Steps
    • Art History for Personal Guidence
    • Personal Artistic Goal Setting and Achievement
    • Mastering Color Mixing Using Split Primaries
    • Developing Your Personal Art Philosophy

    Email me at if interested in any of the classes above. I can either direct you to the nearest location and class that I am teaching, place your name on a wait list, or help you subscribe for notifications using the button on the home page.

    There is no obligation to enroll if you are on a wait list, however, spots are not held until payment. Include specific information on your prefered media , time length, and prefered area of focus.







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