Some artists seem to have a different sense of what is fun from the mainstream culture.

Fun for them goes on in their head, in their daydreams.


Fun, for me might be knowing the names and conditions that different plants need, memorizing their heights, colors, bloom times and so on. Or enjoying finding out everything I can about pigments or mediums.


My grandma has made several hundred wool rugs of various sizes. My uncle collects International tractor models. My aunt makes stitches over and over and over in a type of handwork called Hardanger. My son re-makes his bike over and over in different ways. My husband walks in the woods of the Smokies with our dog, Doug, and takes pictures.


To all of us these things are a really good time, and it keeps us from making trouble. I know it has been encouraging for me when I have something to show for my free time when it is over. It doesn't have to be that way all the time though.