I think the world can be divided into individuals who found positive interests, and those who have not found them. Everyone has some talent inside, but the ones who have found a matching outlet will not lean towards trouble.

TV and other media are interfering with people getting bored enough to get curious about what they can do with their free time.


A country's productivity can be affected, too, if too many people in the nation do not do something that will make a positive difference using their off time. I do not mean that we ought to stop visiting with each other, but I do mean it would be better if we all used our time off to have creative hobbies or volunteer to help others. Or we could use our free time to make our own situation more stable and strong, such as learn a new job skill.


With the precariousness of the world situation right now, I think we ought to do what we can now while there is time, so later we don't have regret and say to ourselves, “if only we had tried to do something about it when we could have”. These might be the good old days when we look back someday.


Our natural interests are given to us and we are responsible to make the most of them, even if they don't seem really earth-shaking.