I love it when I have a job, especially a good one like the one I have now. I work with decent people, the expectations are realistic, and the compensation is comparable to other people doing similar work. As a union member, I'm no longer getting paid less for the same work now, because the union cannot differentiate between men's and women's pay. That is very nice.

If I am getting medical benefits, like I am now, I have a lot more daily hope. I have to pay a lot out of my work package to receive these benefits, but it still makes me feel better. The fact that my work provides a pension, even though it will take years to amount to anything, gives me a sense of pride I didn't have before.


Paying into employment insurance, having my regular taxes taken out, paying social security are not things I mind. I feel good about myself because the money I earn is above board.


I really like having a paycheck I can somewhat rely on, so I can plan my monthly expense payments.


Although there is no place as comfortable as my home, it does get a little strange when I am home full time being an artist. I feel more like I am part of something exciting and important when I am on a big construction site. The atmosphere is more vigorous, and it's nice to get to move around.


If someday I can run the printing and painting out of my home, that would be more interesting, but then I am more in charge, and the responsibility and worries are greater.