I've made my own luck, and I've made my own bad luck.

Most of my bad luck I can trace to leaving things to chance. When I have expected people or God to make up the difference of my poor planning, I have more bad things happen.


Being an impulsive person, I bring on a lot of bad “luck”, but my closest friends will tell me to my face that I am responsible for it, and they are right.


On the other hand, boldness can bring you good luck, too. This is the way I see initiative: rather than a single bullet, initiative is like bird shot, which has many little pellets inside the cartridge.


So when people think I am lucky that I got to display a picture somewhere, they see it as luck. They are not aware that I had to take the initiative to contact 30 places, feeling foolish all the while, before that one said yes. Also it helps make luck if you are not afraid to embarrass yourself.


Like they say, no one ever died from embarrassment.