´╗┐You can use up one section of your mind until it is exhausted, and then shift to something else and use that part of your mind. There are several sections in your brain. But when they are all tired, all you can do is get your sleep.


If you keep detailed notes of your ideas, you can set those aside because they are recorded, and push yourself to think even harder past those. Then you can refer to your notes, as if they are the teachings of another person. You don't have to keep them all in your head if you have them stored in an orderly way that you can find later.


It is unfortunate that we are so often taught to use our minds in a linear way, in the form of an outline or a flow chart. But what if your mind is scattered in many different directions, on a variety of topics, how do you get anywhere?


Much preferable is the mind map, examples of which you can find on the internet. A drawing of a mind map has a circle in the middle, with your central concept, say “my business”. Radiating out of that are branches in all directions that are labeled with your diverse concerns. Each of these have their own branches, which radiate as well.


This is much better for reminding yourself about things that are not linear in nature.


It also serves as a “listener”, because it can be hard for a real person to follow the lines your lines of thought if they are not linear.


You are lucky if you have a person in your life who will let you show them your mind map. It takes a really patient listener or another scattered thinker to follow a scattered thinker. My husband can do it.