Probably the most important thing in life is to have a good name, in the sense of having integrity.

It is not necessary to be perfect to have integrity, in fact many of us have more respect for people who have made mistakes than people who have made it through life without making mistakes.


You can harm or maintain your good name by what you do when you make a mistake.


I have seen many people strive very hard to be likeable and entertaining, but when they think they can upgrade their economic status, they will choose that over integrity. To me, they are being “nice”, but not “good”.


A person ought to always make integrity their first priority. I don't believe they will necessarily receive any reward for this in their lifetime. I'm certain my dad was never told to his face the accurate things that were said to him at his funeral about how he was the best kind of person, and a person of integrity. And everything didn't go his way in life.


But the world was so much better whenever he was there.