The most intriguing things I have read about personality are the books on the Meyers Briggs Personality Typing.

Prior to reading these books, I felt extremely frustrated that people did not know basic things they ought to know-the things I valued, of course.


Or I assumed they were adept at the same things I was, but in addition, excelled at the things I was terrible at. I assumed they were far more gifted than everyone I knew.


These books helped me recognise my strengths and weaknesses more, and helped me find appropriate jobs.


In the Meyers Briggs typing, there are sixteen generalities. Although every person is unique from their influences, tastes, choices, interests, advantages, and so on, there are rules of thumb that can be very helpful. It is not a simple formula, it takes some concentrated effort to familiarize yourself with four times four variables, but they are very convincing


However accurate the method is, it is far more helpful than the hook or by crook method that I used before.


There are so many types of artist personalities. Sometimes I have been told I do not seem like an artist. I guess in movies and books you often see artists who are flamboyant and free-spirited.