Email or call for questions such as:

Which class is right for me?

I prefer teaching classes which have people with a variety of skill levels and interests. That is why each class has one topic of focus, and is open ended on the rest of the variables. Reflect on what area is your weakest OR what makes you most excited lately. Remember students around you may be using other media except in the media classes.

How much experience is required for this class?

Because I cycle the room giving one-on-one feedback to shape the information to your needs, I will be asking for your goals and experience when you enroll. During classtime it will help if you mentally prepare questions for the one-on-one moments while you are working.

What materials/objects/equipment do I need to bring?

Email me before enrollment, and I will provide you with a list. Any substitution questions, just email. If I can save you money, I will, but if the material is essential, I'll explain why. Students bring their own still life set up so all the paintings don't look alike. Not all art centers have standing easels, so we may be on table easels and sitting.

Is there ample parking?

You will receive this information when you express interest in a class, and mapquest links as well.

What do I need to use for clean up?

Do not bring solvents and I will explain this more upon enrollment. All classrooms will have sinks.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Art Centers have their own policies if payment is through the art center. If the class requires direct payment to me, I take debit cards, credit cards, and online payments. Sorry, no cash, checks or IOU's.

Do I have to follow the rest of the classes instructions?

If you want to just enroll to have comraderie and studio time,we need to give your classmates a heads up during the first session so they can adjust their expectations about your contribution.

What if I have to miss a class or am sick? We will try to find a substitution for that class as early as possible. Please don't come if you are sick. If I am unable to attend for some reason, a class will be scheduled at the end of the series, a credit given, or a pro-rated refund.

What style of art is taught and/or supported in your classes?

I am a university-taught expressionistic artist with preferences toward atelier style naturalism/classicsm. You will be assigned, upon enrollement, to bring in a sample image of what you feel is an ideal art piece, and explain why. This is to help me and your fellow students tailor our one-on-one times with you so that  help you move into the style that you enjoy. It does not make any difference what style participants prefer. However, if you prefer to do negative, harsh, shocking, or off-colored art, you will probably not want to take my classes, because I will not help you do that, and will try to redirect you each time I work with you one-on-one.

Can I bring a guest?

Most likely not, but ask, and I might be able to make rare exceptions.