If you are not satisfied with what you know about art, it is no problem these days, due to the inter-library loan system and the internet.

It can become one of the things you do for pleasure. The coffee table art books alone can provide an infinite array of good influences. Immersing oneself in book after book of the great artists eventually will soak into your unconscious decision-making in art. Be sure to revisit or purchase, if you can, picture books of the artists that resonate with you most.


Even if you are not an intellectual or a fast reader, that will change over time, because it's not hard to eventually look through a thousand books on art. Your reading speed becomes very fast, because you don't want to read repeat information too many times, and you will learn how to look for the information you want.


When I am nagged by my deficits and ignorance, and know I have some Achilles's heel, it is not so bad now, because so much quality information can be found on the internet if I keep trying to find it.