This seven-week class of 2-1/2 sessions will break color theory into individual concepts, which we will recombine in the last session. All classes will begin with a class discussion and appreciation of the previous weeks results, followed with a lecture demonstration, the presentation of the next project. We will finish with open studio time that is devoted to clarifying instruction. The seventh session will be a class presentation of all projects, where students will display their projects as art pieces. While we have potluck refreshments, a short essay will be read by each student, followed by a special presentation by the instructor, plus additional time preserved for unstructured visiting.


#300 letter sized hot press paper, if using acrylic or gouache, canvas paper if using oils
¼” flat brush
#1 round brush
¼ ” masking tape
plastic carrying folder
palette without wells
mediums of choice
still life objects
oil, acrylic, or gouache colors in the following colors:
     Zinc White 
     Replacement Flake White
     Yellow Hansa Light
     Indian Yellow
     Quinacridone Violet
     Perylene Red
     Manganese Blue
     Cobalt Blue
     Van Dyke Brown
     Chromatic Black

The Projects

Pure Color Charts
Neutral Color Charts
Value Scales
Vehicle Charts
Applications Charts
Short Essays
White Painting
Black Painting
Pure Painting
Neutral Painting
Application and Vehicle Painting
Composite Painting

Class Definitions for our Purposes

Color Theory
Color mixing
Hue or Chroma

The Lessons

1. The Whites and Blacks
2. The Pures
3. The Neutrals
4. The Three-Legged Review
5. Layers and Vehicles
6. Composite
7. Class Show

Class Discussion Questions

Describe your process of color mixing.
Does your locale influence your palette?
Tell us the history of your palette choices.
How would you describe the color scheme of art or design that appeal to you most?
How close do you feel you are able to match your intentions when you are mixing colors?

Final Essay for the Seventh Session

How will you use these principles in your upcoming work?
What questions remain with you about color theory?
What points would you add to any presentation on color theory?
What single concept most peaked your interest and would like to explore further?
What do you feel you gained from listening and viewing the contributions of the other students?