People more and more are able to imagine my sense of urgency. People who care about me were actually sad when I got called back to work after being laid off this winter, because they liked seeing all the production coming out of my house. I am really happy to get back to work though.

The urgency an artist feels has to do with a few things. You don't know what life will throw you, so you want to be as productive as possible. If you don't keep your pictures where someone will see them, people will assume you are one of the unfortunate ones who had to lay them aside. Also, if my life ends prematurely, I want to have a large enough body of work to be thought of as having been serious about it.


There's also an urgent feeling to let new acquaintances see pictures, because it will explain more of who I am as we are becoming friends.


Another source for my feelings of urgency is that my eyes get a little worse every time I go to the eye doctor. I'm assuming they will be fine for a long time, but now I need reading glasses for all up-close work.


Finally, there is a large backlog in my head of ideas that I haven't recorded in any way, and I constantly feel under pressure that I will forget the past good ideas as the new ones keep flooding in. There must be one or two new ones a day even when I'm trying to shut off new visual information.


The only thing I don't feel urgent about is if my skills get rusty, because they seem to improve even when I've taken time away from art. You may notice this, too, so don't worry overly much. This may be due to reading and thinking about art during that time. It is also important to never stop observing things and making mental records, even if you can't get down to it for awhile.