Quality, or workmanship is the thing I have been putting off until “I'm retired and have time”.

I feel really bad about it, becauseI know much of my artwork is sub-par, but I have so many ideas left in my head, I have a great urgency to get them out of the head and recorded before I forget.


Sometimes when I lay in a new picture, it is not recoverable, because the composition or scale continually have an ill-at-ease or uncomfortable effect. The only thing that can be done in that case is to pull it off the stretcher and put on a new canvas. Other kinds of work that cannot be recovered I throw away rather than donate it or give it away, because acutely substandard work will just confuse people later about what my standards or sensibilities were.


As long as the composition is laid in without errors, it can be reworked at length later.


I'm hoping one day I will be able to paint pictures until they are done, but I don't hold my breath as if I am entitled to that luxury. I just have to live with the flaws and hope people will appreciate the intention.